Acknowledgements and Dedication

Without the generous contribution of a wide circle of friends, this book would not have become a reality. I especially thank Walter Sawatsky, scholar of the Russian evangelical movement, for his valuable criticism and suggestions, Boris Glushenko, Anne Tolmasoff Strubhar, Stephen Scott, Leonid Maslennikov, and Harvey Yoder who gave us important leads. I also thank the brothers and sisters of Shippensburg Christian Fellowship for their support and contributions: in particular Edsel Burdge and John D. Martin who edited the manuscript, Dallas Martin, Marvin Wadel, and others who reviewed it, Joshua McConnaughey who managed its final revision, Conrad Sollenberger and Lana Martin who sacrificed hours to its layout and design.

However, my greatest debt is to Serguei Valeryevich Petrov of Moscow, Russia, a member of the Rockingham Meeting of Conservative Friends. Serguei read the first draft of this manuscript, and offered numerous corrections both in fact and perspective. In addition, he helped to rewrite the chapter on the Old Believers and sections of the chapters on the Spirit Christians. He brought to this task a knowledge of the Russian sources as well as a sympathy and identification with the spiritual heritage of the Russian Christians. Serguei's Russian perspective complemented and corrected my own North American Anabaptist orientation. Because of his important contributions, I would like to acknowledge him as a co-author.

To all who long for freedom from this world's things and fellowship with the Infinite, we present this book with a prayer that your longings may lead to eternal reality.

--Peter Hoover